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Our movement training bridges the gap between physical therapy and personal training with an emphasis on safe progression of your program and exercise targeted to optimize your movement and performance. With the expertise of our physical therapist we are able to provide superior training to athletes and individuals of all skill and activity levels.

Supplement strength and performance training
Focus on correction of physical limitations
Learn proper fundamental movement strategies
Improve mobility, stability, balance, muscle activation and much more
Hands-on training and education of proper running, jumping and cutting technique
Hybrid of Physical Therapy and performance training
Focus on education to allow athletes ownership of their training
Learn proper lifting and exercise techniques

Blow Flow Restriction:

BFR training was introduced primarily in the realm of the armed forces as there was a desperate need to find ways to help our wounded soldiers build up strength and muscle mass following traumatic injuries that lead to large losses of muscle and amputations. It has since found its way into the training rooms of many professional sports teams including NFL, NBA, MLB, NCAA and Olympic training facilities.

This is not a training tool just for professional athletes though. BFR research shows positive effects on people of all ages when it comes to improving strength, building muscle mass and increasing endurance.

What exactly is BFR?

Blood flow restriction utilizes a personalized tourniquet system to partially restrict blood flow to either the upper arm or upper thigh. The pressure provided by the tourniquet system is enough to stop blood from passing back towards the heart but partially allows new blood coming from the heart to the working muscle.