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Shield Coverage

The Paramount way to keep you and your family covered – with YOU in the driver seat.  With Shield Coverage, you’re guaranteed 24/7 direct access to your Paramount PT should an injury, pain management need or question arise.

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Performance Enhancement

Our movement training bridges the gap between physical therapy and personal training with an emphasis on safe progression of your program and exercise targeted to optimize your movement and performance.

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Physical Therapy

Our treatment goes beyond time in the clinic to create a goal oriented partnership that you can count on for success.  Paramount Performance provides an individualized experience with 100% commitment and focus to our clients.

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Our mission at Paramount Physical Therapy is to elevate and redefine performance and injury management for all ages of the athletic and active community through education, prevention, guidance and unmatched service.

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Specialized Treatment

The current insurance model is leading to decreased time spent with the Physical Therapist as well as dictating how therapists choose to treat their patients.
At Paramount Performance we have the freedom to treat the patient to meet whatever their needs are, not what insurance dictates.

Uniquely Trained

Our physical therapists are uniquely trained in the musculoskeletal screening process to determine those individuals who would benefit from PT intervention versus those who may need further referral to medical providers.

Dedicated Staff

Paramount Performance delivers 100% commitment from our therapists to our clients to develop not only a personalized program but also a personalized experience.

Our treatment and care extends beyond time spent in the clinic to allow for a trusted resource that always has your back.

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