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Paramount provides a                                      of physical therapy and performance training, delivering comprehensive solutions for                                                                                       that cater to a                                                      . In the face of evolving workforce needs, Paramount
advocates for its partners, offering customized, unbiased support, and an added advantage that distinguishes your business from competitors.

Paramount provides a                                      of physical therapy and performance training, delivering comprehensive solutions for 
                                                                                   that cater to a                                                 . In the face of evolving workforce needs, Paramount advocates for its partners, offering customized, unbiased support, and an added advantage that distinguishes your business from competitors.

unique blend

injury and movement wellness



total work injury claims filed annually


TOTAL INDEMNITY PAID OUT annually, with $9k the avg. cost per claim

#1 Cause

OF work related injures in wisconsin is strains


OF INJURies were to extremeties: Shoulders accounting for the majority




of traumatic work injuries were to bones, nerves, spinal cord, muscles, and joints

the stats

on workplace injuries in Wisconsin

Enhance Organizational Climate

Elevate employee happiness and loyalty through enhanced health and well-being, fostering stronger relationships.

Increase Productivity

Robust employee health drives heightened productivity, reducing burnout risk and minor injury-related downtime, optimizing performance.

ReducE Employee Costs

Our holistic recovery approach targets pain relief, tissue healing, and underlying issues to optimize your results at Paramount.


Our Services

Case Management Assistance

Assisting in the seamless coordination and management of employee cases, facilitating efficient communication and ensuring streamlined processes.

onsite and offsite physical therapy

Delivering comprehensive physical therapy services both onsite at your location and offsite to ensure optimal convenience and care for your employees.

24/7 Injury Triage at Home & Work

Providing round-the-clock injury assessment and guidance, whether it occurs at home or in the workplace, ensuring swift and appropriate action.

Workers CompManagement

Expertly managing workers' compensation cases, from initial assessment to resolution, ensuring compliance, minimizing costs, and supporting employees throughout the process.


Covering all aspects of health, from prevention to treatment, we offer tailored Post Offer Employment Test programs designed to optimize employee performance.

Fitness, Nutrition, & Health Support

Offering guidance and resources in fitness, nutrition, and overall health, empowering employees to make informed choices that positively impact their well-being and performance.

Dr. Bryan Schwebke, DPT

Owner & Performance PHysical Therapist

Dr. Bryan Schwebke, DPT, serves as the driving force behind Paramount Performance. He holds a Doctorate in Physical Therapy from UW Madison and a Bachelor's degree in Exercise Science and Health Promotion. While Bryan boasts an impressive background working with top athletes and teams globally, his passion extends to applying these skills to assist high-achieving professionals and their businesses. His mission is straightforward: to aid businesses and their employees in achieving peak performance today and in the future.

Bryan firmly believes in treating employees as the industrial and corporate athletes they genuinely are. He advocates for proactive solutions and the nurturing of strong relationships within organizations. His philosophy revolves around embracing an "outlier" mentality and establishing unique standards. He actively seeks partners who share the same vision and mindset.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Bryan enjoys skiing, biking, staying active, and spending time with his wife, their children, and two lovable Bernese Mountain Dogs.

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Why We're Different

Swift Access TO Assurance

Ensured access within 72 hours or less.


Operating autonomously, separate from large healthcare networks.

Athlete Expertise

Proven background and methodology in elite-level athlete collaboration.

Pure Intentions

Driven by genuine care, without any hidden motives.

Strong Business Advocacy

Ensuring businesses' interests are well-represented.

Uninterrupted Therapist Access

Direct connection to a physical therapist around the clock.

Comprehensive Care Continuum

Encompassing prevention, injury management, recovery, and fitness.

Dean Distributing,Inc.

“For the past 7 years, Dean Distributing has had a great relationship working with Paramount Performance. The delivery and warehouse aspects of the beer business involve heavy lifting, so there is a potential for injury. The staff at Paramount Performance has provided excellent physical therapy care for injured employees. In addition, Paramount Performance has been a great resource with our hiring process and the Human Resource department. Excellent care, its advocacy on our behalf, and their accessibility for treatment, are great examples of how Paramount Performance is invested in Dean Distributing’s success. I would recommend them to anyone!”

Dean Distributing,Inc.

 “Paramount Performance has greatly helped our organization navigate workplace
injury management. They've given our employees the tools to prevent
injuries before they happen while educating our organization about injury prevention and management. We have seen a noticeable decrease in the total amount of time our employees are out on restricted duties. Paramount’s relationships formed with our organization and employees has helped improve the overall physical health of the organization. With the POET service, we've been able to get employees into the organization earlier than we ever had before. Lastly, Paramount’s communication is always detailed and timely."

Proud to be a winner of green bay press gazette's best of the bay 2020 for Physical therapy and Sports Medicine

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