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Not all physical therapy is created equal.

Our treatment and one-on-one care goes beyond time in the clinic to create a goal oriented partnership that you can count on for success. The staff at Paramount Performance provides an individualized experience with 100% commitment and focus to our clients to improve physical performance while helping you exceed your goals and expectations.

Our clinicians emphasize a hands on approach for assessment and treatment techniques to evaluate problematic movement patterns and muscles imbalances. These assessments paired with client input allow us to create a tailored made program to optimize movements, decrease pain and improve physical performance specifically for you.

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We provide services for:

  • ACL clearance testing
  • Acute and chronic pain
  • Blood flow restriction
  • Dry needling
  • Issues in the back, neck, shoulder, elbow, wrist, hip, knee, ankle, &/or foot
  • Pre-injury baseline testing
  • Post-surgical rehabilitation
  • Return to sport testing
  • Soft tissue augmentation (Instrumented/myofascial release)
  • Sports massage (preventative & recovery)
  • Transitional training programs after surgery/injury
  • Throwing assessment
  • Warm-up programs (individual or team personalization)
  • Young athlete movement, lifting and transitional programs (ages 13-18)

Frequently Asked Questions for Cash Pay Services
(*** We are an out of network provider ***)

Long story short, as physical therapists, we are able to treat clients without treatment guidelines or visit limits placed by insurance companies. With that in mind, becoming an out of network provider was ideal to allow for unrestricted care for our clients. For more information on cash pay please refer to our article regarding why cash pay services might be your best option for treatment and ultimately a better customer/client experience!

Yes, although we do not directly work with insurance companies, you are able to send in your receipt as a claim for out of network benefits. This does not guarantee reimbursement but many people do get a percentage based on their plans.

No, we also accept check, most major credit cards, HSA or flex spending accounts.

We can’t speak for all clinics but from what we have seen and consensus throughout the profession is that insurance based clinics are being forced to shorten treatment times with patients, pass along patients to assistants/aides or technicians to get more patients in the door. Again, please refer to our article on cash pay services for further information.

*** We will provide you with a receipt with the necessary information to send into your insurance provider.

*** This does not guarantee you will receive reimbursement. Each insurance plan and provider is different.

Steps to checking on your out of network benefits

  • Call your insurance carrier and ask if you have out of network benefits for physical therapy.
  • Do payments go towards your plans deductible?
  • What percentage do I get reimbursed for out of network physical therapy visits
  • Ask if there are any specific requirements to obtain reimbursement?